To ensure quality service, we kindly recommend all our customers to look through our frequently asked questions to get in-detail answers to common questions about our services. If the question you have in mind is not listed here, please feel free to chat with our Customer Service Staff.

General Order Information

How does our custom writing service work?

For a detailed explanation about how our service works, please visit our How it Works page. In this page, we give you a step by step explanation of how to place an order with us till the time you get your paper.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order with StudyLancers is extremely easy. There are two ways to do this: You can either click the Order Now button or navigate to the top-right section of our homepage where you’ll see a short order form. This short order form appears in all of our main pages except our blog.

What format do you use on your custom essays?

Our service supports several formatting styles. These include: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver and CBE. In cases where you don’t need your paper to be formatted according to any formatting style (example, when ordering a resume), you should choose the “Not applicable” option.

What if I want to send additional materials (case study/articles) to the writer?

In the extended version of our ordering form we feature an upload button where you can upload any additional materials for the writer.

What if I forgot my Account’s password?

Please click on the Forgot Password link located in your My Account page just below the Login/Create Account buttons.

Order Completion

When can I expect my paper?

Unless in rare cases, our writers will deliver your paper to you before the deadline you stipulated elapses. However, if you want to change your deadline, you can contact our Customer Service Staff through email or our online chat system and notify them of the change.

Can I modify my initial order requirements?

Order details such as the number of pages, the title or the actual instructions in your order can be changed. This can be done by sending our Customer Service Staff a message indicating all the changes you want done. Alternatively you can send us an email at support@studylancers.com

In what format will I receive my paper?

You have the chance to download your final paper in either of these two formats: MS Word document, or a PDF file.

What if I want my paper amended?

You can do so by contacting our Customer Service Staff through our online chat system or through our email support@studylancers.com. In your message, you can let the writer know what he has done wrong and give the necessary guidance. Additionally, you can request a new writer to review your paper if you are unsatisfied with the original writer.

I haven’t received my paper and the deadline is past, what should I do?

In some rare cases, we will exceed the deadline to submit your paper due to reasons such as you entered a wrong email address or your email is configured in a way that emails you get from us are sent to SPAM filter. It is also possible that we sent you a message asking for further guidance or clarification with your paper and you didn’t reply. In such scenarios, contact us immediately through our live-chat, email or a message on your order page.

Our Writers’ Information

Where is my writer from?

At StudyLancers, we hire writers with a good command of English from all over the world, both from English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. However, we do this under a strict set of guidelines to ensure that you are served by only the best.

Can I contact a writer directly?

Yes. But this is only possible through our Customer Service Staff. Any messages you want to send to a particular writer will have to pass through our Customer Service Staff for screening. We do this to ensure that you do not share your personal information (accounts login information, email, or phone number) as doing so may lead to abuse of your personal data.

How can I be sure that all writers have passed your evaluation tests?

At StudyLancers, we adhere to a set of high working standards. As such, it follows that our writers are not only the best but also well-educated and with several years of experience in professional custom writing services.

Furthermore, we perform evaluation tests throughout a writer’s stay with us. This is to ensure that a previously highly-rated writer doesn’t relax and starts churning out low-quality, plagiarized content.

Can I choose a specific writer?

Yes, you may request a writer who had previously completed an order for you. You can do so by indicating it in your order instructions. However, if you fail to request a specific writer in your order instructions there’s no guarantee that we will assign your paper to your previous writer.

Payment, Plagiarism, and Confidentiality Issues

Is it safe to submit payments through your site?

StudyLancers co-operates with PayPal to guarantee safe money transfer from your account to our account. Our online paying method is legally registered and has safely and securely completed thousands of money transfer operations for clients throughout the years

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. Please visit our Money Back Guarantee page for information on when you can receive refunds from us.

How can I know that my paper is original?

All our custom papers are original as we run your papers through our own plagiarism detection systems in addition to third-party plagiarism services such as Turnitin.com and Plagiarismchecker.com. However, you are free to check our papers with any other plagiarism service.

Why is your price so high or so low?

We charge $10 per page, a price that’s slightly higher than the industry average. While we might not boast of being the cheapest, you are sure to receive a truly attentive and personal service from us. Additionally, you are sure that we will never resell your paper to essay banks in order to cover the difference in price. The price you pay for our service is enough for us not to resort to such cheap money-making endeavors.

Do your keep any sort of essay databases?

No, we don’t keep any kind of essay databases. All the papers you order from us are written from scratch. And once we submit a paper to you and you approve it we don’t keep online records of written papers.

Are your services confidential?

At StudyLancers, we guarantee 100% confidentiality when dealing with all our customers. We solemnly guarantee that no personal information you submit to us when placing an order will ever be disclosed to a writer or a third party.